To the skin without stain by thorough UV protection measures with sunscreen

When the skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays, damage accumulates and increases slack and wrinkles.


By preventing sunburn of the skin by painting sunburn preventive cream etc., it is possible to reduce the effect of UV B wave.


There are A waves and B waves in ultraviolet rays, but A waves out of them are transparent if they are about glass windows, so be careful as they will enter the room indoors.


Since the amount of ultraviolet rays will increase from spring to summer, let's focus especially on UV protection measures.


In the season where the sunrise time is early, sunlight is sometimes included from the window in the morning, when you wake up.


Even if you just look out for the appearance of the outside, the influence of ultraviolet rays will be more likely to appear on your skin.


From day to day, it is good to open the curtain after getting up after you finish your skin care and sun protection measures.


Let 's finish washing your face and finish using skin care and sun protection cream before opening the curtain and putting the sun' s light inside the room.


A sunburn anti-cream cream that can be thinned out is also popular so that you can use it casually on a daily basis.


Although those that can extend the cream thinly are popular, if it is too thin, UV protection effect is also one more.


Whether you use it little by little, thinly stretch it to the very end and use sunscreen cream, you can not bring out the performance of the product.


Because of the effect of ultraviolet rays, it is tough to increase the sagging and wrinkling of the skin and it becomes tough to dry, so it is important to take measures against ultraviolet rays.